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Do children's toys help children's physical and mental health?

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Preschool education toys refer to the main teaching facilities used by all kinds of kindergartens and early education institutions for children between the ages of 3-8. Preschool education toys are a subdivision of the toy category.Its main function is: in the process of use, it can help cultivate children's correct sitting posture and protect children's vision.Attach importance to the mental health education of young children and correct their deviant behaviors in time. Attach importance to the education of children with special needs, and guide the development of their physical and mental health. It can effectively increase the interest of the courses, so as to more effectively promote children's health, active development, and ensure the teaching effect.

Kindergarten education is an artistic process of playing in music and playing in middle school. At present, the teaching task of kindergarten is mainly to play. Therefore, kindergarten toys play a huge and irreplaceable role in early childhood education. It is necessary for kindergartens to carry out activities suitable for young children, and 2 hours of outdoor activities should be guaranteed every day.

In the education process of kindergartens, outdoor activities have received more and more attention, and outdoor activities of no less than 2 hours a day have gradually become one of the basic activities that many kindergartens tacitly take.

With the continuous renewal of concepts, a new understanding of outdoor activities in kindergartens has also been achieved. Actively developing outdoor activities not only help to improve children's athletic ability, promote the development of coordinated movements, but also relax children's emotions and free children's hearts. Outdoor activities in kindergartens are generally based on sports games, but other games such as intellectual games, entertainment games, music games, and folk games are not ignored. In view of the fact that children in small classes are not as good as those in middle and large classes, the development of folk sports games has certain limitations, so we started music games. If you play a piece of cheerful music, the children will dance naturally; if you play a marching music, the children will learn how to walk in the People's Liberation Army. Children like this kind of music game activity. Among the folk sports games, sports games are dominant. Most of these games are played outdoors, and there is a certain amount of exercise, which can delight children's body and mind, enhance children's physical fitness, improve children's interest and ability in sports, and adapt to middle and large classes. Children participate. For example, running and skipping rope activities can enhance children's physical movement; games such as building blocks and jigsaw puzzles can develop children's flexible and coordinated hand and foot movements; games such as "eagle catching chicks" can train children's hearing, reaction speed and performance ability. In addition, we also use a toy to achieve the effect of multiple play methods, changing one game into multiple games. A variety of play methods are alternated, and children never tire of playing, which not only improves the use of toys, but also cultivates children's creativity.

Based on the above analysis factors, preschool education plays a decisive factor in children's physical and mental development, and plays a good role in fostering a positive and optimistic attitude in the future! Paying attention to children's physical and mental development is Qixin's top priority all the time!

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